Jackpot, Chests & Coin-Flip

Another passive way to win


The Jackpot is funded with 0.1% of all bets across classic and pro versions. The jackpot can be won instantly when opening trades on pro or classic versions, when won 80% of the prize will go to that user and 20% will remain for the next Jackpot round.

Every USD traded is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of winning instantly Example: 1 USD trade = 1/1,000,000 chance of winning 1,000 USD trade = 1/1,000 chance of winning


Purchase and Unlock Treasure Chests: Your tickets will become your key to purchasing one of four tiers of treasure chests. Each chest holds exciting surprises, waiting to be revealed!

For every USD traded you earn 1 ticket.

  • Bronze Chest (1,000 tickets): Guaranteed $5 reward upon opening.

  • Silver Chest (1,000 tickets): A chance to win from nine different rewards, carefully structured based on probability.

  • Gold Chest (5,000 tickets): Unlock higher-tier rewards from another set of nine options.

  • Diamond Chest (10,000 tickets): This is the ultimate treasure trove, offering nine different rewards of the highest value.


Double up your tickets or USDT. But, with great rewards come calculated risks, there’s a 47.5% chance to win.

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