Anti-Bot Security Measures

As PRDT is running in a decentralised manner through smart contract, anyone can join with a new wallet and play. In some cases this has lead to abuse of the system. In order to protect against attacks/breaches, PRDT has implemented a decentralised captcha system for suspected bot accounts.

What is Captcha?

Captcha, short for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart," is a security mechanism designed to differentiate between human users and automated bots or scripts. It typically presents users with a challenge that requires human-like cognitive abilities to solve, such as recognizing distorted characters, images, or puzzles.

Why Implement Captcha on

The implementation of Captcha on serves multiple important purposes:

  • Bot Protection: Captcha helps prevent automated bots from performing actions on the platform, such as creating accounts, submitting forms, or engaging in trading activities. This ensures that real human users are able to interact with the platform in a smooth manner.

  • Fairness: By filtering out bots, Captcha ensures a level playing field for all users. It prevents unfair advantages that could arise from automated trading or malicious activities.

  • Security: Captcha adds an additional layer of security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access, fraudulent activities, and potential attacks on the platform.

How Does Captcha Work on

The Captcha security feature on can be implemented as follows:

  • Trading and Transactions: When users perform certain actions that require interaction with the platform, such as placing trades or withdrawing funds, they may be prompted to solve a Captcha challenge to confirm their identity.

  • Limiting Actions: In cases where automated trading is discouraged or prohibited, Captcha can be used to limit the frequency of actions taken by a single user within a specified time frame.

Enhancing PRDT's Anti-Bot Security Measures

We are excited to announce an enhancement to our existing anti-bot security measures on our decentralized prediction platform (PRDT). As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining fairness and integrity within our community, we have introduced a new add-on to our anti-bot system.

Key Features:

  • Bot Detection: Our existing anti-bot system remains in place, utilizing sophisticated algorithms to detect and identify bot activities on PRDT.

  • Immediate Action: Upon manual review and detection of bot behavior, a ban is initiated on the respective user's account.

  • Payout Reduction: Banned users will experience a decrease in their payout to discourage any further attempts at using bots on PRDT.

We believe that this enhancement will further reinforce the integrity and fairness of our platform, fostering a vibrant and trustworthy community of users.

Our latest enhancement introduces an additional layer of defense to our anti-bot system. This add-on is designed to complement our existing measures and further strengthen our defenses against evolving bot tactics. By continuously adapting and improving our detection methods, we aim to stay one step ahead of malicious actors and ensure a fair and transparent environment for all users.

Reporting Bot Activity: We encourage our community members to report any suspected bot activity to our support team. Your assistance in identifying and addressing such instances is invaluable in maintaining a secure and equitable platform.

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