1. PRDT Classic Launch ✅

The platform goes live on BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

2. Going Cross-chain ✅

By combining the advantages of multiple chains, users have the possibility to operate on the chain of their choice. The first chain to be launched on was BNB Smart Chain (BSC), next was Polygon Network. Further chains will be added by community vote.

3. PRDT Pro Launch ✅

This new version of PRDT first launched on Polygon Network on November 15th 2022 and a month later became available on BNB Smart Chain (BSC). It is now live on 7 chains, and coming soon to Solana.

4. PRDT Governance token (Coming Soon)

The PRDT governance token will represent a share of PRDT. Users will be able to stake PRDT tokens to earn unique perks and benefits all around the PRDT ecosystem. This includes earning a share of the platform profits, reduced trading fees, voting rights on the future of PRDT and benefiting from other unique perks and features across the platform.

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