Wagering System and Withdrawal Policy


To maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure fair play, we have implemented a wagering system that affects withdrawal policies. This system requires users to wager a percentage of their deposits before they can withdraw those funds. Users with an initial balance before the system's implementation will have special considerations. This section outlines the details of this system and how it impacts user withdrawals.

Reasons for Implementing the Wagering System

Cross-Chain Functionality

As our platform now operates across multiple blockchains, this wagering system ensures that we do not function merely as a bridge between different chains. This measure helps maintain the primary purpose of our platform and ensures its intended use.

Mitigating Money Laundering

To combat and mitigate against money laundering practices, this system requires users to engage in legitimate wagering activities before withdrawing their funds. This adds an additional layer of security and compliance with regulatory standards.

Withdrawal Policy

General Rule

Users must wager 20% of their total deposits made after the implementation of the wagering system to be eligible to withdraw those deposits.

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