PRDT Classic & Pro Fees

PRDT Classic: Treasury fee: 5% taken from your position before applying the multiplier. Ex: Position size is 1 BNB and the multiplier is 2x. Your position is now 0.95 BNB, and if you predicted correctly you will be able to claim 1.9 BNB.

In case of cancelled rounds due to errors in fetching price the user will receive a full refund. In case of rounds ending on the same price refunds are 50%. PRDT Pro: No deposit or position opening fees. Payouts range between 70% and 90% depending on the timeframe and market. PRDT Pro withdrawal fees: Ethereum: 0.004 ETH, 8.5 USDT, or 8.5 USDC BSC: 0.002 BNB, 0.5 Matic, 0.5 USDT, 0.5 USDC, or 0.0001 ETH Polygon Network: 0.5 Matic, 0.5 USDT, 0.5 USDC, 0.002 BNB, or 0.0001 ETH Arbitrum: 0.0001 ETH, 0.5 USDT, or 0.5 USDC

In the case of a round ending on the same price as the starting price, a 2% fee on refunds is applied.

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